All You Need to Know About TPD

All You Need to Know About TPD

If you’re a European citizen then you may have notice that you’re vaping experience has been affected by the TPD. The TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) is a directive created by the EU which controls the manufacture and sale of e cigarettes.

The directive started by regulating the tobacco industry, but then after lobbying was expanded to include vaping products. This has caused outrage in many vaping circles with vapers considering it unfair.

The new rules affect anyone designing, producing and selling e cigarettes, components and e liquids, and don’t have a direct impact on the vaping community. But rules such as the strength of nicotine allowed to be sold are impacting vapers and many are angry about it.

If you want to understand the TPD better, this article will hopefully highlight the areas you need to know.

Important Dates

The rule came into effect on the 20th May 2016. This rule stated that new products released for sale would need to be tested according to TPD standards, and the regulatory body would need to be made aware of the new product and its specifications. retailers were given 12 months to sell their remaining stock before the new regulations came into force.

Retailers that wanted to continue selling products after the deadline 20th May 2017 will need to have their products tested by the 20th November 2016 and the regulatory body of TPD notified.

The deadline for sale of goods that contravened the TPD fell on the 20th May 2017. After this date, it became illegal to sell products that didn’t meet the TPD criteria.

Advertising Changes

The TPD effectively banned advertising on all vape related products. Although the ban mainly focused on Internet and TV advertising, advertising is still allowed for direct mail, billboards and advertising on public transport.

The advertising ban concerning testing and registration includes:

• All tanks and coils
• All starter kits that include a tank
• All DIY base liquids (PG/VG bases) that contain nicotine
• All E-liquids

The TPD doesn’t however effect the sale and advertisement of batteries.

Products not affected:

• E liquid with no nicotine content
• Any DIY liquids (PG/VG) which contain no nicotine
• Mods (unless sold in a kit with a tank)
• Accessories related to vaping
• Batteries.