Best Menthol Flavours 2018

Best Menthol Flavours 2018

Menthol has been one of the most popular flavours in the world of vaping due to its cool tones and palate cleansing capabilities. There are many types of menthol on the market though and we’ve provided a rundown of the best vapes available in 2018.

Vampire Vape Menthol Ice

Vampire Vape is famous for producing great e liquid flavours and their Menthol Ice is right up there with the best. This juice offers a minty, cool vape that will leave you feeling fresh and alive.

Solo by Black Note

Solo is a menthol tobacco flavour by the award-winning Black Note. It’s grown in popularity in 2018 and has emerged as one of the front-runners for best menthol flavoured e liquid.

Hangsen – Strawberry Menthol

If you like your menthol sweet, the Strawberry Menthol by Hangsen offers a refreshing strawberry flavour with icy menthol undertones. Hangsen is one of the cheaper e liquid brands and this menthol offers excellent value for money.

Element V Frost

Element are a premium e liquid brand and theyr V Frost juice is highly popular among vapers. It offers a mildly sweet flavour and a cool menthol vape.