Best Tobacco E Liquid Flavours 2018

Best Tobacco E Liquid Flavours 2018

When switching from smoking to vaping, the first point of call is to usually go for a tobacco flavoured e liquid. This way your vape can taste like your favourite cigarette and ease the transition from real tobacco to its safer alternative. With this in mind here is a list of the most popular tobacco flavours in 2018.

Tootin Juice – Tobacco Fresh

This is a tobacco flavour with a hint of menthol and has been proving extremely popular in 2018. It’s a premium e liquid that offers the best of both worlds if you like your tobacco and menthol flavoured vapes.

Hangsen – British Tobacco

Hangsen are hugely popular due to their cheap range of e liquids. Their British Tobacco is massively popular and has been around for years. It’s still a hugely popular choice in 2018 and faithfully replicates the flavour of British tobacco cigarettes.

Real Tobacco Gold – JAC Vapour

Another popular tobacco flavour is this offering by JAC Vapour. It offers a realistic tobacco flavour which is strong enough to satisfy even the most ardent of smokers. It’s been around for a while and remains hugely popular in 2018.

Tobacco – Element

Element are a popular premium e liquid brand and their tobacco flavour is among their most popular. It offers a realistic vaping experience and a smooth, tobacco flavour.