How to blow the biggest vape cloud

How to blow the biggest vape cloud

If you’ve seen people vaping and they are blowing huge amounts of vaper from their e cig, then you are witnessing what is known as ‘cloud blowing’. Some vapers pride themselves on how big they can blow their clouds, and there are even conventions and exhibitions where cloud blowing is held as a competition.

Some vapers even use their clouds for tricks such as blowing cloud rings. This is becoming extremely popular in some vaping circles and some vapers have even gained fame from their elaborate tricks.

But, if you want to try your hand at vape tricks, first you need to know how to blow a vape cloud. Hopefully, this guide will help you go some way towards blowing your first big cloud!

What You’ll Need

A Sub-ohm Tank

The first thing you’ll need to blow a big cloud is a low resistance, sub ohm tank. There are many different types of sub-ohm tank requiring different levels of power. Remember when sub-ohm vaping, to get a coil that can withstand low wattage. A larger coil will be able to withstand sub ohm vaping and will help to blow bigger clouds.

An Airflow

if you’re going to be blowing clouds then you’ll need a tank with an airflow adjuster. More air coming into your tank will help increase your clouds of vapour.


Also for blowing big clouds you’ll need the right type of e liquid. For best results make sure you have an e liquid that is heavy in VG. The thicker your e liquid is with VG, the denser your clouds will be. If you still want to get a good flavour out of your vape then you could go with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio which will provide thick clouds but still hold a decent amount of flavour.


The final stage of cloud blowing is getting your breathing right. This part may take some practise and you’ll need to get your inhale/exhale technique right. Firstly, exhale as much as you can to ensure you have maximum inhale capacity for your vape. Then inhale as much vapour as you can, before exhaling out your cloud. If this is done correctly you should have a huge plume of vapour exhaling from your mouth.

Blowing Big Clouds

Cloud blowing isn’t for everyone and there is an argument to say it’s a form of bragging, but hey. If you want to brag at cloud blowing then you want to make sure you get it right. Right?