How to Change a Coil

How to Change a Coil

Most beginner vapers struggle with the concept of a coil. The coil is the part that contains the cotton that holds your e liquid. If the coil is burned then it produces a horrible flavour that can be throaty and harsh to taste. The coil of your e cig should be replaced regularly and depending on the amount you vape, may need to be replaced weekly.

Fortunately replacing the coil is easy. You can purchase coils in multi-packs and they are relatively cheap, especially when purchased in bulk.  For most e-cigarettes the coil will be held within the tank. So, to replace it you simply unscrew the top, or the bottom of your tank, depending on the type of task you have. You’ll then see the metal coil case protruding from within the tank.

You can then simply unscrew the coil and replace with the new one.

When you’ve replaced your coil it’s vitally important the cotton within the coil is fully soaked in e liquid before you fire your vape. If the coil is dry it will burn and you’ll need to replace it again. So, when replacing the coil make sure you fill your tank with e liquid and give the cotton enough time to soak up the e juice. This may take 5 to 10 minutes depending on your coil.

Alternatively, you can inhale your vape without firing the trigger. This will encourage the e liquid to pass through the tank and soak your coil. Allowing enough time for your cotton to soak will ensure you get a good length of time before having to replace your coil again.