How to Start Vaping

How to Start Vaping

If you’ve been smoking for a long time you’ll know how difficult it is to quit. Not only has the price of cigarettes increased significantly over the years but tobacco is also extremely bad for your health.  Many smokers are switching over to vaping and this number has grown year on year since e cigarettes first came on the market in around 2009.

But switching to vaping can be a daunting process when looking at the number of products that are on the market. Where do you start? Hopefully this handy guide will help you out.

Vape Pens

The first place most vapers start with is a vape pen. These are small, lightweight e cigarettes that work straight out of the box and have few, if any settings. They come with a battery, a charge and a tank, and all you need to do is add some e liquid and you’re good to go. Vape pens are also the cheapest e cigarettes you can buy, so if you find that vaping isn’t for you then at least you haven’t wasted a fortune on an expensive e cigarette kit.

Mods and Tanks

The next level of vaping is to purchase a mod and a tank separately. Most retailers sell kits that have the tank and mod packaged together, but you can buy the mod and tank to suit your needs. Most mods have variable wattage settings so you can turn up or down the power depending on how hot you want you liquid to burn. Generally the higher the wattage the stronger the kick of your vape, but be careful because if it’s too hot it may burn your coil.