The 3 Top Tips to Remember When Choosing an E-liquid

The 3 Top Tips to Remember When Choosing an E-liquid

Choosing e-liquids can sometimes be difficult, mainly because of the thousands of flavours you have at your hands. In most cases, it’s not down to e-cig knowledge, more so your preference of flavour! As you may be aware, there are thousands of flavours to choose from, ranging from tobacco blends to fruity and food flavours. These are only a few of the e-liquid groups, and you may want to mix and match your favourite e-liquids to make a wicked concoction!
Either way, it’s all subjective! However, today we’re going to be lending a helping hand to new vapers who are still trying to figure out what flavour will best suit them. Additionally, we’ll also be looking at what flavours can be mixed to create an alternative e-liquid tailored to your desires.
Take a look below at what we’re talking about!

1. Take the Ingredients into Consideration

Let’s start with the basics, when you’re selecting your e-liquid, you should have a fairly clear idea of what flavour you’re looking at. Once you’ve decided this, next is to identify what flavours and ingredients are already present in the e-liquid. This is required for two reasons: the first is because the VG/PG ratio needs to be taken into account.

VG (vegetable glycerine) is used to blow massive clouds when vaping. It’s a thick, sweet liquid that’s perfect for vapers looking to maximise their flavour. PG (propylene glycol) produces more of a ‘throat hit’ which is tailored more towards those who are looking for a similar sensation to smoking a cigarette.
So, if you’re looking to buy a strawberry e-liquid (for example), you may want to pair it with something like apple, chocolate, vanilla, mint or anything citrusy!

2. Choose the Right PG/VG Level to Suit Your Needs

This is particularly important. If you’re trying to give up smoking but can’t quite hack going cold turkey, vaping is the most popular alternative. So, when buying e-liquids to help quench the nicotine craving, look for PG dominant e-liquids. Why? Because PG e-liquids produce stronger throat hits, which closely resembles the sensation you get when taking a drag from a cigarette.

If you’re not too bothered about a strong throat hit, you may want to consider trying a VG-heavy e-liquid. These are perfect if you’re looking to blow big clouds and maximise a sweet flavour. On its own, VG naturally tastes sweet, which in turn, makes the e-liquid flavours sweeter. Whether you prefer this is entirely subjective.
So, if you’re after a similar sensation to a cigarette, go with the PG-focused e-liquids. If you’re more interested in blowing clouds and sweet flavours, pick the VG e-liquids!

3. Matching E-liquids With Your Tank

This is where things get slightly more technical but don’t worry, it’s basic tech stuff. Constructing your vape set-up is similar to buying a car. So, why have you bought the car? What are you going to be using it for? Because while there are a tonne of difference between a Ferrari and a Skoda, both are perfectly capable of driving you to work. My point is that you’re going to want to buy a tank that suits your e-liquid and the rest of your setup.

For new vapers who are missing the sensation of nicotine, there’s absolutely no need to go out and buy a 12-coil cloud tank rammed full of thick VG e-liquid. While they are pretty cool, it’s not going to do you any favours, it would be like buying a Ferrari just to drive it to the shop once a week. Cool, but pointless.
Instead, you might want to opt for something slightly less intense. For new vapers, it’s important to try and match your e-liquid and nicotine levels according to what you were used to when smoking.

So, back to the car metaphor; if choosing a tank is similar to choosing a car, then think of the e-liquid as the oil. If you’re wanting to sprint around town in your Ferrari, then your engine is going to require more heat, which means it will need a higher viscosity of oil. However, if you’re just here for a leisurely stroll to the shops and back every so often, then you’ll want an e-liquid with less viscosity and less heat – this is what we’d recommend for new vapers who smoked previously.
Nicotine strength is also something to consider. This side is entirely up to you, but we’ve detailed a small guide to help you choose what best suits your needs below:

• Low nicotine: 6mg and below – these are best left for light smokers who went through less than half a pack a day.
• Medium nicotine – 9mg – 16mg – this level is for the average smokers, those who consume just over a pack or more a day would be best suited to this amount.
• High nicotine – 18 – 36mg – for the heavier smokers, those that previously went through a pack or more a day.

Getting the right nicotine strength is very important, as it will affect the overall impact of your vape experience. It is a case of trial and error, so experiment with a few settings until you find a level that best suits you!

There we have it! These were our 3 top tips when it comes to choosing an e-liquid. It turns out there’s slightly more to it than just picking a flavour! What’s your e-liquid selection process? Is it a long, drawn out method of trial and error? Or is it simply a case of choosing a flavour you like and running with it? Whats our favourite e-liquid? free e liquid of course!  Let us know in the comments below!

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